Hayward Harvest Moon 2017

As fall deepens, we find ourselves scrambling to get in ‘one more pontoon ride’ before it is too late.  Sometimes just the last hour of the day is all we can manage, but the short ride is always worth it.

The northern skies of Wisconsin display some of the most vivid natural sights I’ve ever seen.  On a dark, clear eve, the brightest stars seem close enough to touch.  I try to name the many constellations, but I just can’t remember those grade school astronomy lessons… so I make up my own.  My northwoods mythology imagines yipping coyote packs, eagles perched in tall pines, and black bears dancing high above in the northern hemisphere.

Tonight, my gaze followed the sun as it quickly fell below the skyline.  In place of the expected blackness, a warm light slowly spread over the lake as the Harvest Moon arose from the depths of the pine forest in the distance.

What a spectacular sight to behold!  This moon demands an audience as it boldly claims the nighttime sky; its luminescence winning out against the usual darkness.  A beautiful fall boat ride tonight.

About Cathy

Realtor with Area North Realty, Inc.
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