A Fall Eve Pontoon Ride on the Chippewa Flowage

Its the first weekend of the 2017 fall season and I have to say, our northwoods area has had the strangest weather!  Torrential rainfall last Friday, along with a bit of hail and winds left many residents with flooded basements and ‘yard lakes’.  Apparently a warm front followed the storms and blessed the weekend with tropical conditions.  The air was heavy and stifling as the temperatures climbed over 80 degrees.

My real estate work kept me busy most of the weekend; I had several showings on Saturday and Sunday and even wrote two offers, so at least if I had to work, it was productive.

Late Sunday afternoon, we did get the pontoon out on the Chippewa Flowage.  This lake amazes me every time I’m on it – the shoreline is so wild, other than a scattering of fishing boats or passing pontoons, one can boat almost endlessly without seeing evidence of human habitation.

Nighttime on the flowage can be the ultimate hair-raising thrill ride, especially if clouds are covering the moon’s brightness. The quickly-descending sun always forces us to take stock of our location and guess how well the moon will guide us home. We’ve had nights in pitch-darkness, trying to navigate through the never-ending maze of islands and bays to get back home.  I swear, every corner we turn, the view is the same – more trees outlined by the dark sky.  Here there are very few landmarks, such as lit-up homes or yard lights, that one can normally count on while night boating.

On those really dark, eerie nights there always comes that brief moment where panic could set in if allowed – when you realize that no one is around at all and you are alone in the middle of 17,000 acres of wilderness.  I hope the boat keeps running and we don’t hit a floating log or stump!

A small sigh of relief is heard when I finally spot our tiny dock light in the distance – ah…we made it again!

Early Eve Leaving Big Musky on the Chippewa Flowage

Early evening Chippewa Flowage skyline from Big Musky Resort

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