Beautiful Eve On The Chippewa Flowage

DSC01046Nothing is more relaxing after a rushed day, than an evening pontoon ride on the scenic Chippewa Flowage.

DSC01052Me, Greg and Dolly headed out around 7 pm- and it was a beautiful night.  Apparently the loons have been prolific this year; we saw many family units on the lake lately.  There is even a close-knit group of 2 youngsters and two adults that we see all over the east side.

IMG_20160719_210924784We went to check on the bog at the bridge over Hwy CC, and discovered that it hadn’t moved from the night before.  It is still close to the bridge but there is a narrow opening towards the Landing, which allows a single-line of boat traffic through at a time.

One thing I’ve noticed is how the daylight is rapidly shortening up.  It seems that just a few weeks ago, it was light out until 9:30 or 9:45 but now we are lucky to eek out light until 9 pm.

Oh well, can’t do much to change that.  Just take advantage of every summer minute possible!


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