March & April Hayward Area Resorts: Call Before You Stop In!

The recent warm snap completely annihilated the snowmobile trails in the Hayward area, effectively ending the season, at least for now.

Many of the resorts and restaurants in the northwoods take this time between snowmobiling season and fishing opener, to close down and take a well-deserved break. Some just shorten their business hours, or are only open for part of each week.

A few that we visit: Chief Lake Lodge – is now closed for March and part of April, RayJays- now is only open Thursday through Sunday, R&R Bayview is closed during March, as is Trailways, and DJ’s Dock is open Wednesdays through the weekend.

Now, don’t quote me on these schedules – it is always best to call your destination ahead of time to make sure they are open; some of the resorts and restaurants re-open for special occasions, such as St. Patrick’s Day, or may unlock their doors if we get a good snowfall and the trails re-open.

One good thing about this warmer weather – it sure is bringing out the real estate buyers! So much nicer to walk property when the temperatures are in the 40’s vs the bitter below zero weather we had!


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Realtor with Area North Realty, Inc.
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