Snowshoeing On The Chippewa Flowage


Chippewa Flowage

What a beautiful day! Finally, the winter air is hovering in the 30’s, the glorious sunshine pops out between the fast moving fluffy clouds and it is just a great day for snowshoeing.

Of course, I dressed too warm, which became apparent during my first quarter mile. I began peeling layers off as I walked across the deep snow and ended up carrying most of my outerwear by the time I got back to shore. Any longer of a walk and who knows? I may of ended up just in my long johns.

The flowage was stunning, as always, and many snowmobilers raced back and forth across Chief Lake.

I walked along the shoreline and gazed up at the cabins and lake homes. What a different look from summer; despite the lake activity today, the bordering homes looked abandoned and lonely. Piers stacked up neatly and all hints of summer stored away out of sight.

I didn’t get as far as I wanted, but the walk sure got my heart pumping. Walking through the snow is always harder than it appears. Besides I am just recovering from the fiasco of a hike through the woods just the other day.

A great start though and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s snowshoe hike!

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