Best Blueberry Pancakes in Hayward WI – At Coopers Restaurant

coopers640I am not a huge fan of pancakes.  Oh, once in a while they hit the spot, but for the most part, they are just a bit too heavy for me to eat very often – they tend to give me that stuffed-come-off-the-sugar-high blah, kind of like the feeling you have after eating a ton of food at Thanksgiving. coopersinside.640

But, when I first tried the blueberry pancakes at Cooper’s Family Restaurant in Hayward WI, I knew I found breakfast bliss.

Apparently this recipe has been in owner Dick Cooper’s family for many years, and I wish I had it!  The large, tender pancakes are absolutely loaded with small, flavorful blueberries. I don’t know where they get these blueberries, but they are not the larger ones seen in the grocery store, and they are packed with deliciousness.  There also appears to be blueberries layered between the pancakes in the stack, ensuring full flavor with every mouthful.  blueberrycakes.640

The cakes are always cooked to perfection – never overdone. I like my pancakes on the borderline of undercooked otherwise they are rubbery disks to me.

Blueberry pancakes at Coopers has become my fav special occasion breakfast food. If you are in the Hayward area and have a yearning for a treat that will keep you coming back for more, stop in at Cooper’s Restaurant for their Blueberry pancakes – you won’t be disappointed.

Coopers Family Restaurant
10604 Beal Ave Hayward, WI 54843     Phone: 715-634-8850

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