Craze / Mission Bow by Matthews

I finally made the jump, I am going to try bow hunting next year.  Greg ordered me a Craze Mission bow. Mission is an offshoot of Matthews, a well-known manufacturer of quality bows and equipment.

Craze bow by Mission

Craze bow by Mission

So I went to Shooting Star Archery in Hayward to get fitted and order this bow and I discovered that apparently there is a whole set of muscles in my upper body that I never knew were there before!   Arrggh…….. good thing I just recently started up at the gym again!

Well, I’d better get in shape before next fall’s season, and I’ll have plenty of time to practice shooting arrows too.  The only issue I might have is actually shooting a deer……I have a difficult time even thinking about hurting something, much less killing it, but we’ll see, after all its not exactly like fishing.  I guess that could be a big issue.

Oh well, it will all come to me, in the meantime I am very excited to get my new bow!

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