Tip for Buyers – Don’t Wait!

Recently I was working with some buyers who wanted me to find them a chalet-style home. Over the course of a few weekends we looked at several homes in their desired areas, most of which had some of the features they wanted but none gave my buyers that ‘special feeling‘ you get when you just know this is the one.

Then we walked in to ‘their home’; it had everything they wanted, everything they dreamed about, and it was within their price range!  I thought an offer was coming, but then one of the buyers admitted she has a problem-she’s on a lease until next summer. She didn’t think I’d find them something so quickly so she didn’t think she needed to tell me about this.

We discussed options so they could still buy their dream home; subletting, etc, but they ultimately decided to wait until spring to purchase this home.  I was not able to persuade them otherwise.

They were convinced that their ‘dream home’ would still be available, that it wouldn’t sell over winter.  They talked about their future in this home, called it ‘their home’.

Then, and rather quickly, I found that some other buyers put in an offer on ‘their home’. It was accepted and seems to be going through without a glitch. My buyers were very sad at their loss, and I was sad for them, especially after hearing how they so frequently talked with each other about ‘their home’.

Now I am searching hard to again find them their dream home, but this time, they will be ready to jump on the next one that gives them that ‘special feeling’.

Just a lesson for all of us-when that perfect place is found, don’t assume there is a lot of time to mull things over, or delay the purchase, even if the property has been on the market for a while. The real estate market in the Hayward area has been changing, and places are selling-there are no guarantees that a property will still be there if you delay your decision!

About Cathy

Realtor with Area North Realty, Inc.
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