Opening Day- Gun Deer Season November 23, 2013

No, I am not much of a hunter, especially since I’m not very fond of venison, but the Northwoods sure has been bustling with all the incoming hunters arriving for opening day.

Mother Nature has dished up frigid temperatures and bitter, driving winds for this year’s opener, which set hunters out in droves to buy up almost the entire inventory of portable propane heaters in Hayward stores. When the north winds howl across Lac Courte Oreilles, they seem to gather speed and even more chill from the lake before hitting our patio doors full force as they did at 4:30 am.  My early morning grogginess left quickly when I opened that door to let Dolly out; I was reduced to a shivering, half-froze statue in less than a few seconds, and my first thought was “glad I’m not hunting today’

The bow hunters, a determined and semi-crazy group overall, have been interesting folks to talk to.  They gather at the local eateries (the ones that are still open this time of year….) and their embellished hunting stories always spark lively conversations, guffaws, and sometimes a few raised eyebrows.  Most tell me they are not seeing the bigger bucks this year, but instead are seeing a good number of spike bucks and many huge, healthy-looking does.  I’ve also heard from a few that they are finally seeing some decent bucks north of Hayward again.

Now that it is gun season, there is a fresh round of new faces mixed in with all the bow hunters I’ve grown accustomed to seeing around.  I’m sure there will be a lot of new stories to follow soon……

I get asked quite often if I hunt.   Although I am not too sure about me hunting with a gun, I would like to get into bow hunting for next season!  We’ll see though……

Wishing all our hunters safe return!

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