Hayward Harvest Moon 2017

As fall deepens, we find ourselves scrambling to get in ‘one more pontoon ride’ before it is too late.  Sometimes just the last hour of the day is all we can manage, but the short ride is always worth it.

The northern skies of Wisconsin display some of the most vivid natural sights I’ve ever seen.  On a dark, clear eve, the brightest stars seem close enough to touch.  I try to name the many constellations, but I just can’t remember those grade school astronomy lessons… so I make up my own.  My northwoods mythology imagines yipping coyote packs, eagles perched in tall pines, and black bears dancing high above in the northern hemisphere.

Tonight, my gaze followed the sun as it quickly fell below the skyline.  In place of the expected blackness, a warm light slowly spread over the lake as the Harvest Moon arose from the depths of the pine forest in the distance.

What a spectacular sight to behold!  This moon demands an audience as it boldly claims the nighttime sky; its luminescence winning out against the usual darkness.  A beautiful fall boat ride tonight.

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A Fall Eve Pontoon Ride on the Chippewa Flowage

Its the first weekend of the 2017 fall season and I have to say, our northwoods area has had the strangest weather!  Torrential rainfall last Friday, along with a bit of hail and winds left many residents with flooded basements and ‘yard lakes’.  Apparently a warm front followed the storms and blessed the weekend with tropical conditions.  The air was heavy and stifling as the temperatures climbed over 80 degrees.

My real estate work kept me busy most of the weekend; I had several showings on Saturday and Sunday and even wrote two offers, so at least if I had to work, it was productive.

Late Sunday afternoon, we did get the pontoon out on the Chippewa Flowage.  This lake amazes me every time I’m on it – the shoreline is so wild, other than a scattering of fishing boats or passing pontoons, one can boat almost endlessly without seeing evidence of human habitation.

Nighttime on the flowage can be the ultimate hair-raising thrill ride, especially if clouds are covering the moon’s brightness. The quickly-descending sun always forces us to take stock of our location and guess how well the moon will guide us home. We’ve had nights in pitch-darkness, trying to navigate through the never-ending maze of islands and bays to get back home.  I swear, every corner we turn, the view is the same – more trees outlined by the dark sky.  Here there are very few landmarks, such as lit-up homes or yard lights, that one can normally count on while night boating.

On those really dark, eerie nights there always comes that brief moment where panic could set in if allowed – when you realize that no one is around at all and you are alone in the middle of 17,000 acres of wilderness.  I hope the boat keeps running and we don’t hit a floating log or stump!

A small sigh of relief is heard when I finally spot our tiny dock light in the distance – ah…we made it again!

Early Eve Leaving Big Musky on the Chippewa Flowage

Early evening Chippewa Flowage skyline from Big Musky Resort

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Out in the middle of the forest

A gloomy, wet day for opening bow season here in the Northwoods. We are out in the middle of the forest scoping out a good place to put up a tree stand.

The dampness calls out every blood-thirsty mosquito within a mile radius. Of course, my can of repellent is at home.

Overnight it seems, the popples started dropping their yellowing leaves, and there is a thin layer covering the fire lanes.

Surrounded by beauty….

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Chippewa Flowage Late Summer

Chippewa FlowageI am fortunate to be on the Chippewa Flowage – the natural shorelines offer such mesmerizing scenery.

Fall is rapidly approaching in the northland though; a few weeks ago I could see just a hint of drabness among the majestic trees bordering the waterways.  As the days shortened up since, the vibrant summer greens began fading, some to a dull green, others to non-descript ashen.  Overnight it seems, the crisp Tamarack needles turned lifeless yellow ochre.

I suspect that the full fall color array with hit us soon and I can’t wait!

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Chippewa Flowage Bog August 21, 2016 & Updates

August 21st 2016 the bog moved up against the bridge on highway CC. It looks like access is blocked unless you have a very small boat.

August 22nd 2016 7:42 p.m. the bog is still in front of the bridge although we have been watching smaller boats going through

Monday, August 29, 2016 – the bog has not moved and is still blocking larger boat traffic at the bridge on Hwy CC by The Landing.  Small fishing boats and jet skiis are getting through, but I’ve heard that some of the boats trying to squeeze through have hit the rocks alongside the bridge foundation.  Be careful if you try it!  Storming again tonight with the wind pushing the bog up tight against the bridge……..

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Listings, listings

Stop back soon as I continue to put more listings and descriptions into my blog. I have been so busy all summer I have not been able to keep up with it and I have a lot to put in yet. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something in particular I probably have it or can help you find it!  Just recently I listed a cabin on Chippewa Flowage for $210K, another lakehome on the flowage for $360K, a beautiful log home on Lake Winter, a horse-lovers estate on Murphy Blvd in the upscale Spider Lake area, a Felser log cabin on Blue Gill Lake and so many many more!  Call me 715-558-8966

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Chippewa Flowage water level 8-10-16

Tonight we boated over to The Landing to watch the last pow wow. The Chippewa Flowage is down almost 1 foot. According to the Xcel Energy website,  full pool is 1313 and as of today the water level is at 1312.01. We are starting to notice it because our dock is finally out of water and we are starting to see more of the sandy shorelines appearing. 

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